until a brid flies into the snow-white structure of its own skull
a peir of fleshless orbits stare outside the window

the entire sky a nail that can never be pulled
but is hammered home until this bird's head undyingly rots into thinking

——selected from Yang Lian's poem Concentric Circles
(Transted by Brian Holton)

Welcome to Yang Lian and Yo Yo's personal literary website.

We have chosen the snow-white skeleton of a small bird as the symbol of this website. When you stare at it, don't be fooled into thinking that you are merely looking at the past. Its fascination lies precisely in the fact that it is no longer past. Its feathers, skin, flesh and blood were lost who knows where, and today only its skeleton remains, small and exquisite, like a form, suddenly revealing all the sky through which it has flown. It is just like a work of literature, rich in archeological significance at the level of thought. Staring at it, then, you can hear the following voice: "make it blacker take tonight away again together with thousands of years."

This website is a whole. It offers a structure that brings together all that we have thought and done at each layer of thought and at each place in the world. When you click through the site, moving freely between our creations, thoughts, actions, and opinions accumulated over many years, do not forget that they all come from one consciousness and that they continue to build that consciousness. Spanning time and space, life and writing join together in a single work at last.

This website is only for browsing. Returning to the skeleton of the small bird, that spine broken at the neck signifies that as regards pure thought even the body is an encumbrance. Only when it hangs absolutely alone will it at last be perfect.

(Translated by Dr. Jacob Edmond)