this infinitely big moment    exposed by sunlight so big, this body
exposing    a mat of tightly-clustered golden down
our heads are buried in it    rubbing our cheeks a river valley

this moment    what lies embraced is the shape of spring
lined up for you    eyes closed you feel the hills are below
birdsong making your womb contract with pink blessing

wind stilled    bloodstains chasing the end of each finger
catching the crack you hide within your shyness
soft and fragrant    pushing the green banks of the river

so we see    next breath there's no scenery
river valley bends into light    lightspeed crumbling within each drop of
water we know    the destiny that makes the world bright and dizzy

complete in an instant    this enchantment
kiss the destruction of the moment    the tight hug is the flower
trembling    erect    burning    point like a pistil or stamen


waves have been searching all along    storm searching
sea puts a sharp standing nipple in your mouth
childhood    like an overstretched halyard squealing

like a little room mottled with exuded paint    destroyed and dilapidated
leaving the pearl shell of an ear on the windowsill
when surf licks your nickname what's left is a skeleton, silver-white, articulated

horizon surrers its groans    lilac from water pulled
so the tide is growing up    a never wrinkled bedsheet
makes you afraid    you want another April polluted

the beach's female sex    surely somehow far away shifting
with the delicate belly of a fish    to go on learning pain
your long legs twist hard around this gloaming

the pull of the wet    a desperate passion to turn and survey
has used up the sea    flesh fills a pot of sobs to arrive at
a form black all through    then it deserves to catch your birthday


the waves' crystal composing    dead piano at an interval
in the sounding of the tides    dead sailor's carefully trimmed fingers
swaying    a room full of carnations and white coral

filled with the sexiness of a final stare    candle flame's x-ray visage
shore a transparent structure in the flesh of lovemaking
we are each other's anchor    we are each other's anchorage

shaky blue house    skin is the harbour
the breach inlaid in us    shows off the direction where the ocean empties
the dead captain icily conducts the overture

the concert is squeezed between our thighs    the flow
a whiff of blood    semaphore that waves bloody organs
the root says as it points    no other place to go

you can go    you should go    in the dead mirror-frame on the panelling
the beast that covers over blue clauses slowly withdraws
shore    remember the last stare    stare with no end or beginning


a line of words carved on the wall    words endlessly sailing
making children old    endlessly overgrown blue plants
on the breakwaters hear white eyeballs weeping

father's semen is a foreign land    separated by
the gap filled with radiant morning sunlight
mother    hides in the seagull's blank cry

once more separation gives birth    abandons this piece of vellum
another row of thin white waves beating far into farther
children deny that beyond the sea there is another realm

endlessly plotting    sunshine-blackening ancestry
maddening the shore    turning being forsaken into a work of art
the time that never comes is in the directory

forever blocked    at the instant that will squeeze through the bloody chimney
mother wails    father's swollen dropped scrotum hangs down
like a constellation    wriggling    children's undeniable destiny


light floods out beyond the window    white jellyfish floating by the bed-head
tired    semi-transparent interior like a half-closed eye
dancing multi-coloured fish tailsaround the candle spread

among sea floor pebbles her sleep imitates dying
dead    still dreaming a thicket of black sea weed under orders
as ignorant as a body    a body that just goes on diving

toe's tiny itches    a soft coral reef of lips gently collide
melted    tongues chase anaesthesia on the ankles
a telegram sent to the whole body    fizzing flees inside

sea odoriferously twists a camellia of space
opened    demon rubs and plays with a small clam-like thing
more like an animal than like her    the more it skids, the more it will pulse

glistening shakes off the pinching fingers of hope that's vain
escaped    in the mirror's distant gaze    mirror still painting
lying on its side a decadent Song dynasty crane


on the sea's surface a million flaming red rose gardens are drifting
on the bed    the hollow of the throat is a little precisely carved one
don't knock that nipple    let her go dreaming

let two tips    in dreams the perfumed colour of smoke inhale
let an afternoon hold in its mouth milk seeping out drop by drop
what this instant hugs to its breast    has all set sail

sleeping    this city too is floating off
on the scaly steps of the surf two feet run wild
what's facing dazzling disaster    is always one deep breath

the room is filled with bubbles imperceptibly rising
the flexing everywhere in the room    grazes the whisper-brought night
know without asking    a little rest    is turning into screwing

in man-made night you see the bright moon when your eyes close
man    is a reef collecting shadows of endings
pouring out in a flood to throw away existence


a window separates from deathly stillness the ugly shoals of this time
their visions    stabbing through the years in the stone sarcophagus
rummaging for a bright red clitoris rubbed into slime

on tightly tangled bodies    doubly extreme
both inserted    both tongue and root swollen into one huge crystal
stuffed even fuller    it butts against the more deeply hidden demesne

tightly tangled bodies    only transparent if they never look back again
ovary of the ocean that thousands of times has died
violently exhales a mouthful of blood    only scarily hard if it lives with losing

finding you    sealed first night like a page first drafted
darkness like a windowsill    displays again a pot of hydrangeas
only let me see    your beauty all ready crafted

collapse    starry sky of sex stopping in the first big bang
big ball of spat-out snow white has no past
water helplessly locked in stone    has only now come along


the plural of now    plural is blue
bleached shadows of sailors floating on the crests of every wave
refracted into what can't be awaited    drowning is plural too

what still cuts the horizon from the prism    is radiance
what still endlessly re-writes addresses    is the sea yelling for more
another post-coital skeleton spat out on a stone bench

it's empty as nautical miles    green furniture set out across the precipice
the room holding all time differences opens the sheep eyes of morning
who sinks into what can't be awaited    self has to wait for this

sharp blade for sailors to peel off fruit flesh in slices
doesn't once exist    though chewed times without number
not an I is left    destroyed only then to become us

shatter    domiciled in the heartless pounding surf
can't even stop longing for a lonely rotting singular
watching    a name flung on the distant reef


you take all year to imagine inserting the kernel stuck inside you
a revolving axle a kind of force you want to deny
can't deny autumn is a slow fire for death and hanging too

indigo logic that lifts you swaying in space
metres above the ground when flushed fruits hold their kernels and rub
wind touches you whoever wants to can touch you in this place

cold nails your inner being sweet limitless only then for yourself
rot has a handle clutching and smelling the fishy fragrance of sex
on a golden barb you hang yourself

metres above the world given over to the crudest brilliance
beak that sharpens its point knows where pecking is more mortal
pecks her broken flesh withered vibrating branch

two eyes that saw deep into the flesh on that first day
take the poetic of necessary death to make you imagine one fierce life
a detonated facial expression hanging and lonely


this instant is infinitely large flowers spurt at humans' end
in excitation purple of the sky white of the sea
drive out of the harbours on our flesh forced and opened

water is full of heartbeats water's bad luck is life-long touch
the stiff twitching tube buried in the flesh
April endlessly twisting nipple buds in its clutch

shipped our ignorance beneath splendid skin
purple and white expelled into the sky by the body's own dark
random aiming for the hasty rush to self-immolation

this instant the shine of shattered sex organs is a long look of goodbye
spring's perfume like smoke's smell silken parasols opening one by one
final day lowered into our mouth all your cries learning from a bird's cry

only the body's image isn't enough at last a tear drop has fallen
leaving for the garden stars tenderly drifting
each breath of wind blowing away the ocean