Concentric Circles - Circle1

Chapter One


fear of cold left behind by the cold
pale height of rocks left behind by blindness of rocks
ear-piercing autumn  by atrophied trees
subtracted from between the tree-trunks

then wind  not among withered branches but human bones only
not fruit skin but decayed hearing only
not to scour wings but to scour bright the age-old chorus of metals only

the dead fire through dense fog  leaving death behind
empty fields  dark vision where furrows emit the smell of stew
frozen stiff walnuts twisted off one by one
among addresses of wine by the glass  an ocean colourful and cruel
every minute empties out a cathedral where our fears are stored

subtracted  down to the sum of destruction


there is always what’s heard vaguely in a dim corridor
buzzing in the ears  moves far away outside the ears

at the sea-level of stone
sound  breaking up the chord of bird bone
chases in reverse a body that can feel pain
our bodies born again and again by a pair of pink organs

reality always intensified  gushes out from a tunnel of wind
a thousand cacti married to a composer’s night
from high above goats’ empty orbits exceed our air

sound moves away  ears smashed to pieces


fear  between valley and valley the hydatiform mole brewing
fear  between gold and golden
             ruins of man
pipe organ shine  wades across the river pissed by a bedwetting baby
sunshine  lifelong silence dropped by a cloud
             what’s heard
always kneads the flame of pubic hair between sleeps
between days  a stomach sweats in the midnight sky
silence  opens the dark score of granite

fear our fearlessness  between mountain roads
sharp reeds of bird have no fear of scratching the morning
sit  fear no chair
got to rely on white bones sticking out of fingertips
             pay attention to the show
old women’s weeping guts dazzlingly bright
face carved into inscription  the more you listen the more like your own
blood resonating in a wax rainstorm
             old women’s weary knees
stick close  thrashing  countless dull red inflamed knees
choir  kneels on a glass rose with no fear
allow brown tongues to lick out the dew
fear no shame  so do your best to reproduce

we who are reproduced by fear  build a mountain peak
             be heard by what can never hear and
become  the tenderest between ghost and ghost
between talking and talking white snow brilliant in four seasons
exposes the body’s absolute zero of linguistics
             confirmed by deathly pale flaws
between blue wrinkled wombs  a distance that cannot be filled


poetry  impossibly not universal surrender
tongues beat the drum’s surface  impossibly
without hitting truth

those unwilling to be freeze-framed  are fixed in a snowstorm lit by candlelight
read by nostril-terrifying smell of salt fish
the porno sky that lusts for death row convicts is reading
the map  bored now with reading

those stranded in the golden brain
every day  push a dead concrete wall to the deaf

the knife that excised us rehearses heart-beats on the plate

impossibly  the living aren’t part of fallen leaves under the trees
butterfly pinned on the wall impossibly not a peacock
dawdle  death is the only garden
impossible not to excrete weddings on Saturday’s meadows
thundering kisses  endlessly glued to make stones that bomb the eyes

when speech is left behind by speechless  life’s last day is
left behind by days  a greasy window on no direction
unpassable  exhibits the only collapse


autumn vibrates between nows like a crazy musical instrument

in golden Mass memory shrinks
bodies  when reviewed by a beam of light between bodies
we  are mud flow taking fiery red breath

only when faces are fate is then the now

lungs  pull tight a black maximum deeper than us
beasts carefully cover the silver-white calcium in bones
a distance in illness
when unreachable  is seen by this rancid belch
blinded  then pressed under an ocean paperweight  written out

hounds fiercely barking  driving the now into a word
wordless  only thus the now is left over

a mountain stores the weight of the music it endures through its life
a pipe organ puts in false teeth to lie
saying  flesh with no breach  cold white arpeggio overnight gone far away
voiceless  sow the glittering wheat grains of dead bugs

subtraction  grammar that organizes a lonely army
using our eyes  to organize sunlight’s depleted pain
beat up a berry till the pus it deposited quietly turns purple
testicles hanging in solitude  deleting the now from reality

Chapter Two


until sky is like a breast popping out from a collar
held by horrible hands  your hands
until slow death  displays more distinct violence

until a dead drunk fiddle has just shed its feathers
until a bird flies into the snow-white structure of its own skull
a pair of fleshless orbits stare outside the window

staring  wind  twelve months’ paralysed blood
thick smoke in the fireplace always seems like the last time
blackening a horrible throat  your throat

remembrance  not remembering until transparent
another  each flung broken-necked elsewhere
storm  until the tiny storm-storing heart

use more distinct violence  display slow death
this horrible rotting  your rotting
like a zero with no exit

like a scream  expanding its territory until tonight
tonight  expanding its face out to the belly-tattooed ocean
sea given to a golden frame until

painless  severer than headache
the entire sky a nail that can never be pulled
but is hammered home  until this bird’s head undyingly rots into thinking

until nobody can reach the finish
until the impossible  always uses you to flood the finish
until slow death  wakes you at midnight

wind  twelve months’ paralysed blood displays more distinct violence
until your head is the only horror
fleshless and snow-white  until  your mud splatters all over


then you go on dying  dying in plaster
then the pitch-black snow inside the womb goes on falling
then the face is not while burning pain on the face is

wound is not while the ripe age preserved by beheading is
staying awake is not but sleeping more than a century is
eyelids  oozed the blue of eyes

then even mask is not
in the candlelight  facial features are an early-winter field
a plaster apple is summoning the pitch-black apple trees

a plaster baby is summoning the dead through clenched gums
then a sleigh full of audiences for four seasons drives in
sky is not  crow’s signature suddenly is

the sound of snow moving upon tiles
the smallest crystal bedroom  when tongue licks into you
skin absolutely is not  then lovers

all like a stone-paved town hanging inside you
then go on being loved  with fragile beauty in the moment of death
then getting drunk is not while a glass of wine for ever is

a million women moulded by a womb
exquisitely designed tower  shut in the open sunshine
with you  can only be

with nothing  then must be
a numb look again and again moulded by an adverb
a poem moulds a wall of disgust that chases humans

then golden patience no longer is
then  plaster roses when unpluckable forever must be anything but
the post-mortem summoned by your funeral make-up  then the funeral goes on


since the undated  neglected foul blood’s due date
since the year fell off a bed’s edge  edged you out
since conceiving evil  itself conceived

what wraps two dripping fruit segments  wraps a present too
since solitude became your food
name  turns you into your own tenant

since those turning their back on age  turned back to a birthday
since the nookied cloud  sat on a naked spiral stair
dazzlingly blue sex of a tigress  surged to your sex

countless sunken ships show their masts above the town’s sea surface
since anchors of survival  hooked onto the forehead
corpses have been pulling a net

since the soul that pressed you so hard  pressed so near night at four p.m.
since the dark green meadow has filled with a white horse’s bitter jealousy
since having lived   like impure death lived

name  turns you into your own tenant
directions  always patted off a dirty pillow
bad dreams dreaming the limit of four limbs

a flesh-colored ATM drawer  draws again the you of now
the gleaming fish of an ambulance  carries away your now
since every minute abandons those in the minute of childbirth

from now to now  broken bones in a thumb joint a far journey
since rape could never end
since your illness  projected an endless you

life trains people to love the shame dearly
since  destruction set off from far away to return to your own destruction
a tooth not refusing to be buried refuses the theme of time

Chapter Three

whoever is ruin will open wide the golden cranium
whoever is destroyed  will embrace starlight’s knowledge

heavy snow again  directly falls in between invisible seats
ashes  scattered in a man’s skeleton
the dead’s glances everywhere
excited a drop of water  madly growing into silver-white carnivorous grass
after death  madly grows through our broken walls

whoever has stony orbits can endlessly hurt the sky
whoever sits into a blaze’s centenary  is listening

pipe organ  boiling oil still trickling down five unspread golden fingers
boy’s sintered glass is trickling
between nothingnesses  sound of wind  ghosts’ violent imaginings

pipe organ flying along corpses
has angelic eccentricity  making what never vanishes in cold

whoever listens  then has heard

stone’s previous life  emptied flesh and blood out to abandon the mould
stone’s stalk  penetrates winter to retain the torment
between storm clouds of stones our caresses climb a crying fit

one drop of semen sucked tight by female warmth in the sky’s body
one cluster of eggs  hanging  the darkness in which maggots nest
one hundred kidneys turn into vocalists for the rustling moon

whoever has lived in snow-covered places then walks the tip of a madman’s tongue

the proposition of limitlessness  limitlessly pushes into an instant
twilight a proposition  gathering the blaze’s meditation between collapsed vaults
fable’s flesh in every age
all roasted  a cathedral from snowstorm to snowstorm
mercilessly sieved by madly grown light
a man from here to here  listens to one night limitlessly festering

whoever is left behind by time
will build up a prison of time

by  an instant of love-lying the pipe organ is uprooted

music isn’t here  this speeding ear robs us
on music’s vast foundation
heavy fog exhaled from this mouth disperses a century’s audience
until  limitlessness tightens harm into a colourless pupil
then  whoever hugs the sky too tight will be endlessly set out on this time
since  nothing left inside us

between us  the pipe organ expressionlessly smashes another life